Hat Week Australia 2018 Recap

Hat Week Australia 2018 Recap

We asked Peggy Stone, long time reporter for The Hat Magazine, to wrap up for us...

Well— here we go ON THE WEEK THAT WAS

London milliners might have had the Royal wedding to feast on in July, but on this side of the world Australian milliners and enthusiasts flocked in their hundreds to venues, internet sites and functions, for the first ever Hat Week Australia, 2018.

In capital cities, country towns, in professional workrooms, tea rooms, antique centres, and live internet, the eager and social found their week full to the "brim".
Over 30 events and 300 participants took part...a staggering number given the breadth of Australia...and, we had international participants for the on-line demonstrations and talks...AND in your own home!

Not just feathers flying, and champagne flowing at the Gala charity evening, but there was photography lessons, sculptures, leather, silk, all being made by budding new milliners, established milliners, social enthusiasts enjoying all things hats....and a millinery competition, and block making demonstration.

Some of the most well known and exceptionally talented milliners and tutors that Australia has produced, worked their magic, eager to share and pass on their skills, in elementary and advanced levels.

From feather flowers to origami ribbon, silk flowers, "out there" new contemporary materials and products, hat making of course, to dyeing, curling,, and leather flowers.
Now, those Red Hat Ladies, did they enjoy themselves!

Coco Chanel would never have thought that thermoplastic, laser cutting, perspex, heat guns, acrylic, Eva, styrofoam, Powertex, would be in her millinery repertoire.

Congratulations to Kim ....and Carole Maher for their foresight and energy to organise a professional and well run event.....a resounding success.

And, now for next year.
Don't miss out!

If this is what can be produced as a first event we can only look forward to another amazing Hat Week Australia in 2019. Tutors, students, enthusiasts, international as well as local, this is the place to be. You can participate from anywhere in the world, in the second Hat Week Australia, July 2019.

So get in touch. Organising starts now and more information can be found at:

Peggy Stone

Peggy Stone is a milliner, tutor, and a long time reporter for The Hat Magazine.