Creating Somebana Silk Chrysanthemum Flowers with Galina Kofod (QLD)(COMPLETE)

Join Galina Kofod & Learn to Create Somebana Silk Chrysanthemum Flowers

In this workshop students will learn a famous Japanese flower making technique known as Somebana. 

The flowers make using this technique look much more realistic than flowers made with the traditional french flower making technique.

Participants will go through all the stages of the process of creating flowers from the silk. This will include preparation of the silk, making patterns, dying silk, assembling and finishing techniques.

Students will learn to work with a wide range of Japanese style flower making tools.

Students will achieve some proficiency in Japanese Somebana flowing making techniques.

The students will make a stunning, realistic looking silk chrysanthemum. 

Date: Saturday 13th July 2019

Time: 9:00am - 5:30pm (30min break)

Location: 23 Maui Crescent, Oxenford, QLD 4210

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

What's on offer:

- Create a silk chrysanthemum flower of your design.
- Learn the valuable skills of Japanese Flower Making. 
- Your own copy of professional notes to keep.

Materials Required:

- The tutor will prepare pre-cut kits of stiffened silk for flower-making in Japanese technique. 
- Soldering Iron Wand MUST be able to fit Galina's Tools if you don't have your own (recommended style HERE)
- Pen & pencil
- Scissors to cut silk
- 3-4 soft, flat, medium (0.25-0.5 inch width) paint brushes
- Piece of thin, cotton material, bed sheet thickness, 30cm square minimum
- 1-2 pieces of foam rubber, 15cm minimum, 5mm thick
- Toothbrush
- Wood Glue (Elmer's sells this)
- Bath Towel
- Small Towel
- 20-30 pieces of white paper
- Florist wire (3-4 pieces, 12-16", 26-30 gauge)
- Piece of thin, stiff plastic (10 x 15cm minimum) such as a plastic folder
- Tweezers; a standard pair (required) and a pair with a round end (optional)
- 3-5 white or clear jars/plastic cups to mix dyes
- Flower making tools heads for the soldering iron is desirable but not essential
- Wire cutters
- Flower stamens
- Long nosed pliers
- Thin wooden skewer

To purchase materials for this workshop, please visit House of Adorn by clicking on this LINK.

Lunch is provided for this workshop and there is parking available onsite.