Laser Cut Materials for Millinery with Carole Maher (Melbourne) **COMPLETE**

Join Carole Maher & learn to use Laser Cut Materials for Millinery.

Laser cutting and etching have enabled milliners to use otherwise unsuitable materials for millinery such as ply wood, some plastics, stiff leather, card and perspex/acrylic. It has also enhanced other millinery materials such as new tech textiles.

In this workshop you will learn how to create headpieces and trim using laser cut materials. Carole will demonstrate (using video) laser cutting and then students will have the chance to create a headpiece from over 20 already cut designs using leather, perspex, vinyl, card, felt, ply wood, or silk backed thermoplastic.

Students will have a full understanding of how to create their own design/drawings for either a CNC Cutter File or a laser cutting company and then produce their own headpiece using the laser or CNC cut materials. Delegates will focus on creating three dimensional headpieces from a flat material, then using laser cut material. Students will finish two dramatic headpieces and various trim pieces in this workshop. Students will also learn how to manipulate laser cut perspex, ply wood, leather and thermoplastics.

It is very exciting using these new materials and learning new techniques. This is a fast paced class and loads of fun.

Date: Friday 6 July 2018

Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm 

Location: House of Adorn, 15/40 Ricketts Road, Mount Waverley, Vic 3149

Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

What's on offer:

- Workshop Participation ($275) + Laser Cut Materials Kit ($50)
- Learn to work with laser cut materials as listed above.
- Create two headpieces to take home.
- Lunch will be supplied.
- Your own copy of professional notes to keep.

Materials Required:

- Head Block, wood or pupee not poly
- Pliers, flat nosed, no ridges
- Heat proof gloves, leather gardening gloves (Aldi) 
- Millinery Wire
- Hat Elastic
- Heat Gun or a "paper embossing tool" 
- Masking tape
- Elastic Bands in range of sizes
- Blocking Pins
- Full Kit of Laser Cut Materials supplied on the day