Manipulating Feathers with Nesnerosa Designs (VIC) (COMPLETE)

Join Nesnerosa Designs & Learn to Manipulate Feathers

In this workshop we will be looking at various types of feathers and what you can do to create a different look or create the perfect curl.

We will be working with ostrich plumes, turkey feathers, biots, ostrich quills and pheasant feathers.

Stripping, cutting, curling and manipulating these feathers will be done so you can walk away with a trim ready to be mounted or a feather headpiece.

Date: Thursday 11th July 2019

Time: 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: Melbourne Hub @ Eastland, Town Square, 175 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, Vic 3134

Experience Level: Beginner

What's on offer:

- Learn Feather Manipulation on a range of feathers
- Transferrable skills that you can use on different future projects
- Great for beginners or if you have been wanting to expand on your feather skills

Materials Required:

You can purchase a feather kit on the day for an additional $20, or bring the below feathers with you in addition to the other materials.

- Ostrich feathers
- Ostrich quills
- Full turkey feathers
- Biots
- Pheasant feathers

- Sharp scissors (dressmakers are preferred)
- 450 Glue
- Needles & thread
- Small base and/or headband (something to mount on to if you want a finished piece)
- Hair Straightener

- Permanent markers (match to feather colours if possible)
- Nail polish (match to feather colours if possible)

To purchase materials for this workshop, please visit House of Adorn by clicking on this LINK.