Natural Dyeing & Cap Making with Christine's Millinery ***COMPLETE***

Join Christine's Millinery & Learn Natural Dyeing Techniques & Cap Making

Day 1: Students will learn how to dye wool fabric using ingredients from nature, which will be used to make at least 1 cap. 

Day 2: Students will be shown how to draft various patterns for caps, including Fisherman style, Sectional Beret, Train Driver Caps & Baseball Caps. Visor drafting will be included, as well as different methods of stiffening this important part of the cap.

Day 3 & 4: Students will be shown to how construct a cap with one of the patterns drafted in class using the dyed wool fabric. Time permitted, a second cap can be constructed.

Date: This is a multiple day workshop, running from Thursday July 12 - Sunday July 15 2018. By selecting 12/07/18 below, you are purchasing the 4 day workshop beginning July 12.

Time: 10:00am - 4:30pm (30 minute lunch break included) each day.

Location: Craft School Room, Blue Mountains Steiner School, 83 Clearview Parade, Hazelbrook, NSW, 2779

What's on offer:

- Learn in detail over a 4 day workshop.

- Leave on the last day with at least 1 completed cap of your own making.

- Learn invaluable skills relating to dyeing & pattern making for continued use.

- Professional notes to keep.

Materials Required:

- Paper for drafting patterns (min. 8 sheets, at least A1 size)
- Square ruler or protractor
- Long ruler
- Clear plastic ruler, preferably with millimetre markings
- Tape measure with a hole in the end (very important) 
- Pencil, sharpener & eraser
- Fine felt tip marker pen
- Fine drawing pins
- Paper scissors
- Masking tape
- Compass to draw circles with
- Sewing machine & equipment (bobbin, spare needles etc.)
- Power board and/or extension leads (only if you have them)
- Dressmakers pins
- Unpicker
- Fabric scissors
- 2m 100% wool flannel or 100% wool crepe (another 100% wool fabric in a similar weight & light colour is okay; this will be dyed)
- Rubber Gloves
- Half a metre of fine cotton fabric (poplin) for lining in matching colour to chosen fabric per hat
- Machine thread to match fabric
- 1m of calico
- Pen & notebook
- Ideas, designs, pictures of hats for inspiration
- Hand held mirror

To purchase materials for this workshop, please visit House of Adorn by clicking on this LINK.

Please note that this workshop includes morning & afternoon tea but doesn't include lunch, though there will be a 30 minute break to eat.