Structural Crinoline Headpiece with Hatricks by Michelle (VIC)(COMPLETE)

Join Hatricks by Michelle & Learn to Create a Structural Crinoline Headpiece

An 8 hour (full day) workshop designed to show you the techniques and skills involved in creating a piece similar to the piece created by Michelle Robinson and awarded both the MIMC People’s Choice Award and the Millinery Award at the Dubai World Cup.

It involves wire work and manipulating crinoline to create a fluid and structural headpiece.

It is anticipated that participants will walk away with a completed headpiece at the conclusion of the workshop, otherwise have completed enough of the techniques and learning to complete this headpiece in their own time.

Date: Friday 12th July 2019

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm, half an hour lunch break 

Location: Melbourne Hub @ Eastland, Town Square, 175 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, Vic 3134

Experience Level: Intermediate

What's on offer:

- Learn to work with and manipulate crinoline
- Transferrable skills that you can use on different future projects
- Leave the workshop with a completed headpiece, or enough skills to complete your piece at home
- Be the very first to take part in this exciting new workshop
- Professional notes provided

Materials Required:

2-3 metres cotton covered extra firm wire (14 gauge)
- 8-10m 3" crinoline
- 3-5 metres of 6 inch crinoline (in the same colour as the 3 inch)
Invisible thread (suitable for use on a sewing machine)
White cotton thread
Dressmaking pins (with berry ends) (quilting pins are ideal)
0.5 metres of bridal tulle in same colour as crinoline
- 450 Glue
Wire comb
- Pliers
- Wire cutters
- Scissors 
- Needles
- Sewing machine
- 0.5m hat elastic
- Material to cover headband (velvet ribbon, tulle strips, etc.)
- Basic sewing kit (needles, pins, etc.)
- Feathers (optional, if you would like to use them as part of your design)

To purchase materials for this workshop, please visit House of Adorn by clicking on this LINK.

Main photo credit to The Essential Hat and the photographer Stavros Sakellaris (@stavrofoto)