Structured Straw Hats with Louise Macdonald **SOLD OUT**

Join Louise Macdonald & Learn to create a Structured Straw Hat

Create a structured hat from a Buntal Mat without the use of blocks. When you first venture in to the world of Millinery, compiling a collection of good blocks happens over time. In the absence of an extensive block collection, the ability to make and create a diverse range of hat shapes is a bonus. In this workshop you will learn some techniques that enable you to create a hat with a brim without the use of a block. Once you have mastered this skill you can create your own unique shapes, or design a new block by first testing the shape using this technique.

Date: Saturday July 14th 2018

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Room 803, 8th Floor, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000

Experience Level: Beginner & Intermediate (basic use of a sewing machine)

What's on offer:

- The chance to work inside Louise Macdonalds iconic Millinery Studio.
- Discover the options & requirements for cutting and sewing the buntal mat straw.
- Learn to work with the bias weave, steam and wire.
- Explore different design variables of brim slope and brim width.
- Leave the workshop with a structured hat, ready for stiffening & trimming.
- Professional notes to keep.

Materials Required:

- 3m Cotton Covered Wire 
- 2m wide Straw Braid (10-20mm wide) for the edge of the Hat Brim
- 60cm 25mm Petersham Ribbon 
- Tailors chalk
- Buntal Mat/Flatten Capeline (20" Diameter will be suitable for larger hat, 16" for smaller Boater shaped hat as seen in photo. For smaller Buntals, try to keep the inner circle no more than 13-14cm).
- Thread to match the Buntal Mat

To purchase materials for this workshop, please visit House of Adorn by clicking on this LINK.

Please note that lunch is not supplied for this workshop.